Conduit Apprentice Program Logo

The Conduit Apprenticeship Program (CAP) is a partner of NARI of Southwest Ohio. CAP’s mission is to equip young people with a strong work ethic, while opening doors for them to pursue meaningful and lucrative careers.

A hands-on, purposeful, and challenging environment can be life-changing for young people as well as for remodeling industry companies. CAP works towards diversifying education while teaching life-long skills.

NARI current and future members understand that there is a huge demand for trade workers. CAP works with remodeling professionals to teach young people the skills needed that can lead to well-paying trade careers while equipping them to work on their own homes.

For more information on providing an internship or full-time position to a student, reach out to Steve King.

CAP provides:

  • Career readiness talks and hands-on workshops for high school students.
  • Internship opportunities for students
  • Full-time career opportunities for high school graduates

CAP relies on committed volunteers to facilitate career readiness talks, workshops and monthly coaching. Please consider donating your time and talent to supporting young people as they explore career opportunities in the trades and beyond.

Opportunities for internships and full-time hires are available to remodeling businesses of various sizes.

Each month, CAP visits students and coaches them on a variety of topics that will help them grow professionally, from how to engage in productive conflict to how to be a problem solver.

High schools involved in 2024 include (not an exhaustive list):

  • Clark Montessori High School
  • Dater High School
  • Dayton High School
  • Finneytown High School
  • Goshen High School
  • Lloyd Memorial High School
  • Miamisburg High School
  • Wayne High School

CAP Workshops span several days and are an opportunity for remodeling professionals to share experiences and support instruction with tools and materials.

In Q1 2024, workshops will be held at Clark Montessori High School, Little Miami High School and Wayne High School.

If you are interested in volunteering for a Career Readiness Talk or workshop, reach out to For more information about what volunteering and instruction looks like and the latest schedule of opportunities, click here.