Workers' Compensation Enrollment Deadlines Approaching

Published September 5, 2023 By Julia Bowling, Sedgwick

Enroll now!

Sedgwick has mailed Group Rating and Group Retrospective Rating enrollment and re-enrollment materials to qualifying employers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save significantly on your workers’ compensation premium.

In addition to annual premium savings, Sedgwick, our endorsed Partner, is proud to deliver full-service workers’ compensation claims management and cost containment strategies to nearly 60,000 hard-working Ohio employers.

Sedgwick clients annually save $160 million in workers’ compensation premium through the two highest performing savings options - Group Rating and Group Retrospective Rating.

• Group Rating - over $4 billion in savings over the past ten years
• Group Retrospective Rating - over $1 billion has been earned by participants since implementation in 2009

For traditional Group Rating, Sedgwick must receive your enrollment by November 10, 2023. For Group Retrospective Rating, Sedgwick must receive your enrollment by January 26, 2024.

If you would like to request an analysis or if you have any questions, contact our Sedgwick program manager, Julia Bowling at or (513) 218-4062.