Did You Miss the Accelerator Studio on Exit Strategies?

Published July 19, 2023

If you missed NARI of Southwest Ohio's Accelerator Studio on July 18, you are encouraged to reach out to a member of the Pickrel Schaeffer and Ebeling team.  Michael Sandner, Katie Wahl and John Clough from PSE were on hand to present Exit Strategies and answer questions on everything from the myths and truths about exit plans to when is the right time to begin thinking about an exit plan. Nothing is as straight-forward as one thinks when it comes to succession planning and the options are limitless, not to mention the red flags that need to be navigated. There are many ways to look at the transition but it's also imperative that you have a temporary transition plan in place to deal with owner illness, family situations and those other unexpected situations that can put strain on the continued success and operations of a business, regardless of size. Pickrel Schaeffer and Ebeling is a long-time member of NARI and we encourage members to reach out to each - there is no better resource than your network.