NARI Welcomes New Member and New Offerings

We are excited to welcome Capital One Spark Business to NARI of Southwest Ohio. This member is represented by Tom Merritt, Vice President, Spark Business, who is based in Cincinnati and consults with businesses regarding corporate card solutions and teaches them how they can use their card as a payment tool to earn 2% cash back on their purchases. Their cash back offering also comes with a $1,200 bonus. For those companies who prefer miles, they have a Spark Elite Travel card that pays 2Xs miles and comes with other terrific benefits. Their no preset card limit card offerings will adapt to your needs and can handle large transactions and monthly volumes. Their card is one of the leaders in the industry and can have a significant financial impact for business owners.

Tom Merritt manages existing Spark card customers and brings in new businesses. If you are already a Spark card customer, Tom would like to speak with you and if you are using another card or just cutting checks to your vendors, he’d like 10 minutes of your time. All applications are handled through Tom and he’d love a chance to connect. Call him at (513) 330-2823 or email

Spark Business with Unlimited 2% Cash Back
Capital One Spark Travel Elite

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