A CotY 2022 Winner Spotlight: Brentwood Builders

Brentwood Builders puts the faith in remodeling.  

Brentwood Builders is a design build construction management firm, started in 1979. They do both residential and commercial projects and are best known in the Miami Valley for residential additions and remodeling.  

But that’s not what makes them unique.  

According to Vice President of business development Chad Coe, every single employee is a Christ follower, and their company is “based on a biblical desire to make a difference in people’s lives.”  

“It started with our owner, who said our goal is to provide God-honoring design-build services and our goal is to delight every client with the construction process as well as the finished product,” Coe said. “This goal is what sets Brentwood apart from other contractors.  Our team emphasizes this goal from start to finish.”  

“We show up at the job site conveying both order and urgency with a commitment to excellence in communication. Even something as simple as keeping it an ordered, clean job site every day makes the world of difference to a client,” Coe said.  

This desire to make a difference and delight their clients has won Brentwood Builders dozens of CotY awards since they started submitting in the early 1990s. Last year they won in the Universal Design-entire house category.  

Coe says the best parts about winning a CotY award are sharing the good news via social media and the pride it gives their company and clients.    

“We’ll broadcast our award on LinkedIn and Facebook, and it is humorous how the news lands on unique pages. For instance, we had a Coty awarded project shared on the ‘Mom’s of Oakwood’ [Facebook] page. I’ll tell you what, we got a lot of referrals from that post.” 

Chad’s tips and advice to first timers submitting CotY awards:  

  • Use a PowerPoint template for the presentation  
  • When you take before photos – be mindful you need to take an after photo from the same angle  
  • If you’re doing after pictures, get a semi-pro photographer – it’s worth it. If we get an award, the benefits far outweigh the cost.  
  • Include your client in the CotY process – I let them know that we are submitting their project for an award, and if we do win an award, we share it with them and get them a gift.  
  • Think hard about the category about which you submit. Put yourself in the best position to win.

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